Battle of the B.O.: Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

Native Aluminum Free Deodorant

It’s a power-struggle as old as time; a question debated by the wisest of knowledge-seeking sages: Who triumphs in the Battle of the B.O., deodorant or antiperspirant?

Like apples vs. oranges or Britney vs. Christina, the body odor tussle between these two underarm products is longstanding. 

In one corner we have Antiperspirant: the sweat-stopping favorite that literally once had to be suspended in acid to function

In the other corner: Native’s (vegan, aluminum-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and even PLASTIC-free options) deodorant that looks ready to put up a fight. 

But will one clear winner come out on top?

Want to K.O. that B.O? Gather round, Ladies and Gentlemen, and let the Battle of the Body Odor begin!

Comin’ in strong from the start, Native’s “Free Of” deodorant offers slow and steady scent-shielding abilities by using powerful ingredients that prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing. Boom! Your underarms are protected from body odor at the very first swipe!

Countering with a one-two punch, the aluminum salts in antiperspirant (which is actually considered a drug) creates a clog on the surface of your skin for an odor-and-sweat-stopping combo.

Oof! Antiperspirant seems like a strong contender! But, wait: it looks like this body product body-slam has a few weaknesses…

Antiperspirant keeps your sweat-ducts clogged-up and staying dry, but those aluminum salts sure make it hard for the skin to breathe. (And breathing is important, ya know?) Turns out, pluggin’ up your sweat ducts so you never perspire is sorta like sticking tissue up your nostrils so you never have to blow your schnoz. We’ve gotta better idea up our sleeve. (Quite literally.) 

Native deodorant comes in swinging with an effective formula that fights odor-causing bacteria while keeping your skin breathing easy. 

Both Native’s classic formula (baking soda and magnesium hydroxide) and Native’s sensitive formula (magnesium hydroxide) utilize powerful powders that sit on the surface of the skin and raise the pH to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing. 

Not only does deodorant provide aluminum-free odor-protection, Native has a wide range of gorgeous scents to keep you smelling amazing. Plus, our classic formula has a sugar-based ingredient that will slowly release a fresh scent

And it looks like Antiperspirant is down for the count! 

With long-lasting strength, staying power, and the ability to keep your skin breathing free, we think Native deodorant is the clear winner in the Battle of the B.O.

But don’t take our word for it, get in the ring yourself and sweat it out! 

There’s nothing to lose by giving a natural deodorant a try. Our products are vegan, aluminum-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free (and many are now plastic free!). So, check out all our amazing scents below, and even get a mini-deodorant with any purchase, absolutely free.

Now that’s what we call a knock-out.

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