Why Justina Blakeney Made the Switch

Why Justina Blakeney Made the Switch

When we first launched our Native x Jungalow collection, many were surprised to hear that we partnered with a home decor brand. What do personal care and home design really have in common, anyway? But at Native we like to keep you guessing! So when our team got together to brainstorm our ideal partner, a lot of us thought of Justina Blakeney and her brand, Jungalow. To put it simply: we love the brand’s aesthetic, all the plant vibes, and Justina’s kick ass entrepreneurial spirit! 

So our team slid into the DMs to pitch our idea of a co-branded collection to the Jungalow team. We were delighted to learn that Justina had been looking to switch to an aluminum free deodorant for some time but still hadn’t found one she loved. That’s when we knew the stars were aligned for this partnership!

For a recent Allure interview, Justina was asked why Native was a good match for Jungalow and why she wanted to make the switch to an aluminum free deodorant

“I've always been careful about the stuff I put on my body (as well as in my body) and Native is all about offering cleaner personal care products that work really well. I can understand and trust the ingredients on the label. Native, like me, has Bay Area roots and both Jungalow and Native are working hard towards sustainability goals and fundamentally are looking to help people live happier, healthier lives. For all of these reasons, I thought Native would make a brilliant partner for us.”

Justina echoed the same sentiment that we hear from so many of our customers: wanting to be able to understand the ingredients on their deodorant’s label. We strongly believe that if you are going to put something on your body everyday, you should understand exactly what is in it. With that common ethos we started working on our most exciting collection yet! 

As our Guest Creative Director, Justina worked with us to create a collection of deodorants and body washes that she would be excited to use everyday. Inspired by some of Justina’s favorite destinations, our Native x Jungalow Collection will help unlock a world of escapism that we’ve all been craving this past year. You get to choose between our Tangerine & Citrus Blossom, Paradise Flower & Amber, Sandalwood & Fig (Justina’s favorite!), or Palm Leaf & Bergamot scents in our Classic Deodorant, Body Wash, Sensitive Deodorant, or Plastic Free Deodorant.