Native Is Now Available At Target

Since the launch of Native in 2015, there has been overwhelming demand to purchase our products in retail stores.  To date, we’ve resisted that demand, because we wanted to build a brand that resonated with our customers – with you – and that required us to maintain an open and direct line of communication with you. In addition, we held off on selling our products in store because we wanted to wait until we found a retailer that was ready to partner with us and bring the vision we had for Native to life.

After having shipped more than 10 million bars of deodorant around the country, and having communicated with millions of customers via email and phone (and hundreds in person), we’re excited to announce that Native Deodorant will available in over 1,800 Target stores nationwide starting today.  Target is the perfect partner for Native – they have a history of building great brands with a cult-like following, and their footprint and resources will make Native more accessible than ever.

Native was created to reimagine personal care from the ground up, beginning with our obsessively engineered, outrageously effective deodorant sold directly to consumers. Three years later, we’ve seen millions of customers ditch their antiperspirants in favor of Native Deodorant, and we’ve seen surging demand across the country to experience our award-winning products. We are excited to partner with Target, a company that shares our mission of bringing incredible products to all.

Look out for more news from us, as we continue to work on redefining the personal care industry with new products, new ideas and new hope.

You can find a list of Target stores that carry Native Deodorant here (hint: they all do). As always, you can also buy Native on our website, here.