Native Products That’ll Rock Your Entire Body

Native Products That’ll Rock Your Entire Body

Mic Check: Is this thing on?

We interrupt your lunch-hour work dance break to 90’s pop (don’t pretend like you don’t shimmy to Britney on the daily, y’all) to bring you something that’ll be music to your ears. Are you ready to move to the groove of some sweet-ass info that may be a track you’ve never heard from us before?

We already know that Native is your favorite aluminum-free deodorant (obvs)….but did you know that we ALSO make your soon-to-be-favorite, clean bar soap, body wash, and toothpaste?

*record scratch*

It’s true! Native makes rocking body care products for all parts of you, Dancing Queen or King, and we want the whole world to know it!

Sure, everyone’s already been singing a chorus of praises to our phthalate-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, line of scent-sational (you’re welcome) deodorants. We’ve been called the fave “free-of” deodorant by everyone from Kate Hudson to your friend’s dad to your college professor to that cute girl you’ve been eyeing at the local co-op.

But the good vibes don’t just end there, movers and shakers. Because if pure, simple, clean body care products are your jam, we’ve got you covered from your teeth to your toes:

Body Wash & Bar Soap

Our residue-free, clean body washes and bar soaps are free of phthalates, sulfates, talc, and aluminum. That means they’re gentle enough for super suds-ing (hello, hyper-hygiene “work-from-home” mode), so you can use ‘em in the shower, bath, AND as your go-to hand soap. Less decision fatigue = more life energy = WIN.

Need another reason to dance a jig? All of our gentle body washes and bar soaps come in the olfactorily-amazing Native scents you know and love. Obsessed with our Palm Leaf & Bergamot? GREAT! Now you can rock that signature smell all over your bodacious bod. 


Not to be outdone (and because your teeth need some sweet lovin,’ too) our clean toothpaste is safe, effective, comes in recyclable plastic, and is made without any sulfates, triclosan, or artificial preservatives. That’s a rock-solid purchase for your pearly whites! Plus, with a charcoal toothpaste for whitening, sensitive and non-sensitive options, and both fluoride and fluoride-free versions, we have a top-notch choice for every tooth. 

Are you pickin’ up the groove we’re spinnin’? Look, there’s really no reason to do the Body Care Bop where you shuffle from one product to the next, in search of the best body wash or the best toothpaste or the best bar soap, hoping each one will shine up your shimmy. Beat drop: we’ve put all of the good stuff (and none of the fluff) in all of our products, so If you’re a superfan of Native deodorants then you’re sure to stan our other body care products. Why not toss one into your online cart and put a new spring in your step?

*Mic Drop*