Take a Trip with Native x Jungalow

Take a Trip with Native x Jungalow

You know how fresh-cut grass reminds you of fall soccer practice as a kid? And CK ONE brings you back to your first kiss in junior high? And salty ocean smells transport you to the boardwalk of that epic summer you spent in North Carolina? 

Well, here’s some good news for your nostalgia: We teamed up with LA-based brand, Jungalow (not to be confused with “Juggalo,” a devoted fan of the Insane Clown Posse), to create an epic collection of bespoke body care products that will give your brain and body a much-needed mind journey.

We paired up with Jungalow founder, Justina Blakeney, to create limited-edition signature scents of our aluminum-free deodorants and gentle body washes. The inspo? Justina’s favorite travel destinations. Let’s go!

Paradise Flower & Amber captures those sunny NorCal vibes of vanilla and patchouli so you can feel like you’re sittin’ around a campfire on a summer night. 

Sandalwood & Fig (Justina’s favorite scent!) has got a spicy, musky, earthy, floral mix that’ll put a spring in your step like you’re frolicking through an Indian bazaar at sunrise.

Palm Leaf & Bergamot was inspired by the salty, sexy beaches of Southern Italy. (How does it smell? Fantastico!)

Tangerine & Citrus Blossom (the top seller, baby!) will make you feel like you’re sippin’ a fresh-squeezed mimosa while riding a train through Moroccan citrus groves. 

Clean, safe, and effective, our Native x Jungalow deodorants and body washes are just the things to refresh your days and bust you out of your “rinse and repeat” rut. Want more good news? 

  • Our products are always sulfate-free. ALWAYS.
  • As gentle as our regular products are, we’ve also got a sensitive formula for those with extra, extra sensitive skin. Why? Because we extra, extra care. 
  • Because we love the world we live in (and want to be able to travel to see more of it someday) our Native x Jungalow’s Tangerine & Citrus Blossom is available in a plastic free option.

And psssst….want to know a secret? We originally intended to have this collection available only until the end of March, but the response has been so overwhelming that we’ve decided to extend the Native x Jungalow line until the end of May 2021.

That’s 3 whole months left for you to smell like the vacation you deserve to be taking!

So what are you waiting for, natural deodorant and body wash lover? You could stick with your go-to Native signature scent of Eucalyptus and Mint, (and we wouldn’t blame you, it’s pretty dang great). 

OR, you could take an olfactory journey through a market in Jaipur bustling with spice stalls, sit around a seaside cove at dusk as the waves crash, glide on a train through a Moroccan citrus grove, or….

Ok, we’re done tormenting you with all the tantalizing travel imagery. 

But, honestly? You need a Native x Jungalow aluminum-free deodorant or body wash. Because your brain may have to be in that one-millionth Zoom meeting, but that doesn’t mean that a part of your soul shouldn’t take a trip to a more luscious locale. 

Take a journey by adding a Native x Jungalow deodorant or body wash to your online shopping cart, and check out more of Jungalow’s sustainable and stylish brand offerings below!