Take Your Summer from Boring to Bubbly with Native’s Rosé Scent

Take Your Summer from Boring to Bubbly with Native’s Rosé Scent

Like a distant call that fills our hearts with hope...a smell on the breeze that brings back sizzling memories...a vision of picnics and beach parties dancing in our heads—the promise of summer is coming. And guess what else? 

Native’s Rosé scent is back! 

A mega fan-favorite, our Rosé scent blends notes of sweet strawberry, fresh grapefruit, and soft flowers and is sure to bring the bubbly, bright, and buoyant vibes you need to make this summer scent-sational. Because what better way could there be to celebrate the sun, fun, and good-times-to-come than with Native’s Rosé body wash, aluminum-free deodorant, and new mineral sunscreen?

Um, yes, you read that right: mineral sunscreen. 

(You know, the kind of sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum SPF protection AND is still gentle for sensitive skin?)

Every good sunbaby knows ya gotta shield that sweet, supple skin to keep yourself looking as bright and glowing as the sparkling vino you’re sipping. But sometimes, well, sunscreen can be a sticky subject. Nobody likes the thought of putting greasy, chalky, gooey product all over their gorgeous bod.

Well, cheer up sun-worshipers, because Native’s oxybenzone free sunscreen has all the good things you need:

All the Good Stuff in Native’s Mineral Sunscreen:

  • The powerful protection of Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • Hand-selected, naturally derived, non-nano zinc oxide
  • An ultra-sheer, matte finish
  • Easy to wash off with a gentle soap
  • No gunky residue or white-cast 
  • Lightweight and blends in, regardless of skin tone

Need more reasons to geek out? Native’s mineral sunscreen is non-greasy, absorbs easily, is invisible under makeup, and will make you feel indestructible under the sun’s mighty rays. Ok, we made that last fact up, but, seriously—need we go on? This sunscreen is your super summer dream come true. 

And it has none of the junk. Which means it’s absolutely free of:

  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate
  • Avobenzone
  • Octisalate
  • Octocrylene
  • Homosalate
  • Parabens and Pthalates

And if you’re looking to keep those sweet summer vibes goin’ even after your beach day ends, we got ya covered with our signature Rosé scent available in Native’s Plastic Free Deodorant (so you can protect the sea you love so much) and our delicious, foaming, fan-fave body wash.

So who’s ready to smell like the bubbly essence of a celebratory toast? Native’s Rosé scent is fresh, floral, and fun. Plus, with options in both full size (2.65 oz) and Mini (0.35 oz), you can easily toss one in your beach bag or picnic basket to be protected at all times.

Now that’s something to celebrate. Three cheers for summer!