The Detox and Switching To An Aluminum Free Deodorant

Native Aluminum Free Deodorant

At Native we consider ourselves PRO-perspiration but ANTI-feeling wet. This means we recognize that our body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do—sweat—but we know that sometimes we need something to feel more comfortable throughout the day. 

You may have heard of the “detox”, and it might be why you’ve been skeptical to try an aluminum free deodorant before. The detox period refers to when your body is releasing any built-up bacteria or waste from your armpit area, and it can occur during the first weeks of transitioning to an aluminum free deodorant. During this time, some people do experience more odor and sweat than what they’re used to. You might question whether letting go of aluminum is worth it, but don’t feel discouraged! Getting used to something new and healthy can take time—and your body is no exception to the rule!

The detox period can last between two and four weeks, but your deodorant should feel more effective over time. For best results we recommend using the deodorant daily and always applying to clean, towel dried skin. This is an important step in removing oils and bacteria from skin. You’ll also notice less odor and sweat once your body adjusts to the change. Stick with it!

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