Wake Up and Smell Our Coffee Haus Collection

Wake Up and Smell Our Coffee Haus Collection

Our new limited edition fall collection is like a great cup of coffee: aromatic, smooth, and keeps you going all day. We wanted to create a collection of scents that was inspired the comfort of your favorite coffee shop: cozy, enriching, and with a sweet delights.

Thanks to four, new Coffee Haus-inspired fragrances, you can consider your morning routine officially upgraded. Here's a whiff of each scent:

  • Oat Milk Latte: Did someone order a warm, comforting scent with a double shot of clove, a splash of creamy chocolate and a dollop of sandalwood? Great smells comin’ right up.
  • Matcha & Sweet Cream: When it comes to smelling great, this delicate, inviting fragrance will make your cup runneth over. With notes of vanilla and coconut, plus an earthy dash of ylang- ylang, consider your senses tea-sed.
  • Cherry & Vanilla Macaron: Smell like your life motto is, "Treat yourself" with this decadent medley of pineapple, sweet marshmallow, and—oui oui—cherries.
  • Earl Grey & Mulberry: This calming, crisp and citrusy fragrance is sure to be your cup of tea. Featuring a blend of bergamot, moss, and white musk, you’ll give it two pinkies up.

Plus, Earl Grey & Mulberry is now available in Plastic Free packaging. Our Plastic Free Deodorant offers all of the benefits of our classic deodorant, without the plastic packaging. Let's just say Mother Earth likes it a latte.

Shop the collection in Deodorant or Body Wash, now the only thing left to percolate is which fragrant blend you'll take a splash of every day. We'll raise our mugs to that!