Yellow Armpit Stains: What Causes Them & How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

If you’ve ever found yellow stains on your favorite white t-shirt, we’ve got news for you: it’s not perspiration that’s to blame. In fact, you are likely a victim of the aluminum found in your antiperspirant. “Over time, the aluminum in your antiperspirant and the salt in your sweat combine to form a yellow sweat stain, making it harder to remove with normal washing,” says Unilever, the world’s largest manufacturer of antiperspirants.

Native Deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum (read more about the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant here).  Still, if you’ve found some yellow stains under those white t-shirts from your antiperspirant, here are a few tips that can help you restore your shirt good as new:

What You Will Need: 

Dish Soap
Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking Soda
Toothbrush (preferably not the one you use to clean your teeth)

What To Do: 

Step 1. Combine 2 ounces of dish soap with 4 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and stir
Step 2.  Apply the mixture to the yellow stain on your shirt
Step 3.  Add a sprinkle of baking soda on top of the mixture
Step 4.  Work the mixture into the shirt with a toothbrush

Let the mixture sit for an hour, and then launder your clothing as usual.  Your shirt should be good to go!

Does Native Deodorant really work? 

Check out a video review by Clarissa, a customer of ours that lives in North Carolina.  After you’re done, use coupon code REVIEWS to save 10% off your order!