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Breathe in the delightful scents of our new Road Trip collection. From juicy peach notes to the alluring scent of jasmine. From the smell of a breezy ocean surf to bright and tart key lime. Put that out of office message on - you're ready to hit the road.

Road Trip Collection

Sweet Peach & Nectar

You don’t have to venture down to Georgia to explore this sweet, juicy fragrance. Perfect for a summer of adventuring, this scent has a splash of sultry earthiness in the backseat, with that classic peachy fruitiness riding shotgun.

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Surf & Sea Moss

This ocean-breezy scent is equal parts windows down and surf’s up. Featuring seaside freshness, low tide tanginess, and a hint of citrus, you’ll smell like a shore thing even if the AC goes out.

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 Key Lime & Sugar

Swap out your desk chair for a beach chair with this delicious, sweet scent. Featuring crisp, citrusy lime notes as well as hints of vanilla cretam, no matter where you’re heading this summer, this fragrance is out of office approved.

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Midnight Jasmine & Sage

Tap into posh, desert vibes with this luxurious, seductive scent. With notes of lush jasmine, plus hints of musk, sandalwood, and sage, even when the clock strikes midnight, you’ll still be smelling as cool, aromatic, and fresh as when the evening began.

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Gotta have 'em all? 

Pick any three of your favorite scents in deodorant or body wash and save up to 25%. 

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A New Kind of Pit Stop

We're making every swipe more sustainable with our Plastic Free Deodorant. Now available in bestselling scent Sweet Peach & Nectar. 


Rosé on the Daily 

It's not summer without Rosé. Our fan favorite Rosé collection is back, and this year we've added Plastic Free Deodorant and Sunscreen to the line-up.