Classic Scents

Coconut & Vanilla

Refreshingly smooth, tropical scent that is both sweet and sophisticated

Cucumber & Mint

Cool, crisp, and refreshing

Lavender & Rose

Floral with bold notes of lavender and subtle accents of rose and geranium

Eucalyptus & Mint

This subtle scent has a clean and fresh aroma

Citrus & Herbal Musk

Woodsy with hints of spice, orange, and lemon


Our fragrance-free formula is especially great for sensitive skin


Fresh mineral scent with citrus undertones and the power of charcoal

Seasonal Scents

Candy Cane

Crisp and refreshing peppermint, accented with a hint of sweet vanilla

Sweet Almond & Honey

A warm and rich scent that comes from the delicious combination of almond and honey, with a slight hint of vanilla

Peony & Jasmine Tea

Bright and vibrant floral notes of peony blossoms is blended with the soft and calming scent of jasmine tea to create a perfectly balanced fragrance

Linen & Cotton Flower

Crisp and clean, this scent is inspired by the smell of fresh, warm laundry straight from the dryer

Wild Mint & Spruce

A fresh scent with a slightly earthy undertone that comes from the outdoorsy mixture of wild mint and spruce tree needles

Body Wash

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