Build Your Plastic Free Deodorant Pack

Build Your Plastic Free Deodorant Pack

Classic Scents

Coconut & Vanilla

The subtle sweetness of vanilla with the beachiness of coconut? Name a better duo.

Lavender & Rose

Send your body flowers "just because" with this bouquet of herbaceous lavender mixed with the subtle floral notes of rose and geranium.


This ocean-fresh, mineral fragrance features a hint of citrus, the power of charcoal, and an air of mystery.

Lilac & White Tea

A delicate yet provocative scent that is sure to be your cup of tea. Think: notes of soft florals, fresh mandarin, and crushed tea leaves.

Eucalyptus & Mint

We harnessed all of the greatest scents of the great outdoors and distilled them into one clean, herbal, earthy, sun-soaked fragrance.


Proof that the best things in life are free, this is the perfect option for those who feel that the perfect scent is no scent at all.

Limited Edition Scents

Earl Grey & Mulberry

This calming, crisp and citrusy fragrance is sure to be your cup of tea. Featuring a blend of bergamot, moss, and white musk, you'll give it two pinkies up.

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Sensitive Scents

Cotton & Lily (Sensitive)

Scent of fresh linens, with a hint of fresh powder.

Aloe & Green Tea (Sensitive)

Scent of soothing aloe with invigorating green tea leaves.

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