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Lavender & Rose

Floral with bold notes of lavender and subtle accents of rose and geranium. Includes 1 deodorant, 1 body wash, 2 bar soaps, and 1 mini deodorant.


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Susan R.

Best Safe Deodorant. Ever.

I absolutely love this product. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and so I've become quite conscious about what I put on my body, particularly when it comes to endocrine disrupters and parabens. I'm in remission and staying this way is critical to being yeah, I care a bit more than most people. Lets what with what is great in the deodorant - no aluminum, parabens, phthalates or other nasty ingredients. Check Plus! Now lets discuss how it works. It literally does what it says. I use the Cucumber & Mint scent and leaves me feeling lovely and fresh - no odor and no wetness. Actually, the deodorant feels very moisturizing going on and leaves NO WHITE STREAKS or stains on my clothes! Check Plus Plus! Have to say that the Native line of products is becoming more visible in my bathroom everyday - I'm using the Body Wash and the Toothpaste, and wish they'd produce a lotion already. Still, it's the deodorant that is the hero in my bathroom. I've tried everything from Tom's of Maine to every other natural brand - this is the only one that truly works. I'm delighted to use one less chemical product! I'm on my third Native Deodorant, and am not looking back!

Judy Ruiz

A New Sheriff in Town

I just received my second order from Native today. I do not think that I will ever go back to regular deodorant anymore. My skin is very sensitive and I often would find myself with bumps caused by clogged pores caused by other deodorants. Since I have begun using this product I have not had that problem and it was an issue that I was experiencing for years. Doing research and learning the chemicals that are part of common deodorants is mind baffling. It reinforced my decision to switch over for good. If you are on the fence and considering purchasing this product I would highly recommend it because I am confident that you will be so impressed that you will never go back.


My ONLY deodorant now

I got the sample pack so that I could try some of the different scents, plus I travel a lot for work, so the travel sizes fit great in my toiletry bag. I don't have a favorite because I like all of them. The Native deodorant goes on really smoothly, not dry and sticky like the last "natural" deodorant that I tried. The first day, it seemed to lose it's odor-reducing power, but after about 3 days, I no longer had that problem. I'm assuming my body just adjusted to the better quality ingredients! I also got a Men's sample pack for my husband because he is the one with the really sensitive skin. Most of the time, he wouldn't even use deodorants because they made him break out in a painful, itchy rash. But Native is so great for him! No rash probems, and he likes how easy it goes on, too. So glad I found you guys. Oh, and love the cute email messages. You really make your customers feel special! Thank you!


The BEST natural deodorant

This is the first aluminum and paraben free deodorant that I have tried that actually works for me (and I've tried many)! I only need to apply this once in the morning and I feel protected all day long. The coconut vanilla smell is also to die for. I don't see myself using any other deodorant in the foreseeable future. Can't wait to try out some of the other scents!



This deodorant is amazing! My favorite is the Honeysuckle Orange. My daughter likes to stick her nose in my armpit when I have it on. If that doesn’t explain to you how amazing this deodorant is, I don’t know what example could. It is so good!


Love it!!

Love the product, great odour protection & no issues with wetness like with other "natural" products I have tried in the past. Highly recommend this product. Love the fact that it has no aluminum in it & no parabens or sulfates.

Alexandra K

Going Native

I love Native products. I was very hesitant to try a natural deodorant because the smell would always turn funky on me and it didn't do anything for wetness. My fear in life is not smelling good, and even from day one, Native controlled the odor and wetness amazingly well. I've turned so many people onto it who love it too. Please consider making body lotions to match your other wonderful products! If only you could make a natural unscented, non-comodegenic deodorant to control upper lip sweat in the summer...



What a fabulous product I have found with Native! I’ve tried SO many of the natural deodorants that I was beginning to lose faith that I’ve ever find one that actually worked. This one really truly does! I’m a fan and feel so lucky that I found Native. My teenagers have even switched over, and THAT is really saying something! Give it a try, you will not be sorry you did.


Lovely fragrance

I'm very pleased with my purchase (I think it's the seasonal package). The fragrances are lovely and not overpowering. I like that it has no aluminum in it. I like the small size -- easy to throw in my gym bag or when I'm traveling. Thank you for an excellent product!!


Pleasantly surprised!

I found “Native” purely by accident. An article published about the best deodorants and on top of the list “Native Deodorant”. Ok, so I’m a sucker for good press and order I did. Well the order arrived promptly and I was somewhat disappointed when I saw it was a deodorant and not an antiperspirant. But I did buy it and decided to give it a try. Well let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s scent was more than pleasing but it worked quite well in fact it kept me fresh all day and made me forget that it wasn’t an antiperspirant. Now it’s my go to deodorant. Bottom line it works extremely well



We use safe, simple ingredients you can understand.


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5 oz (141 g) per bar soap. Includes 2.

2.65 oz (75 g) per full-sized deodorant. 

11.5 oz (340 ml) per body wash.

0.35 oz per mini deodorant.