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Oat Milk Latte

Did someone order a warm, comforting scent with a double shot of clove, a splash of creamy chocolate and a dollop of sandalwood? Great smells comin’ right up.

Cherry & Vanilla Macaron

Smell like your life motto is, “Treat yourself” with this decadent medley of pineapple, sweet marshmallow, and—oui oui—cherries.

Matcha & Sweet Cream

When it comes to smelling great, this delicate, inviting fragrance will make your cup runneth over. With notes of vanilla and coconut, plus an earthy dash of ylang-ylang, consider your senses tea-sed.

Earl Grey & Mulberry

This calming, crisp and citrusy fragrance is sure to be your cup of tea. Featuring a blend of bergamot, moss, and white musk, you’ll give it two pinkies up.